Welcome to
Maritime Academy Trust

Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East. As an education charity, we are fully committed to advancing education for the public benefit. It is our mission to empower our schools with the means to drive ever greater and more enjoyable outcomes for children.

We do this by seeking out the intersection between logic and magic; between the knowledge children need, the skills that will enable them to navigate a future world of work that doesn't exist yet, and a journey through education that will stick with them as they grow.

Our Maritime Entrepreneurial Curriculum brings this all together, weaving essential skills and knowledge into a thematic approach to learning that is embraced by all of our schools. It culminates with our Maritime Expeditions: child-led learning showcases that demonstrate how children have found solutions to real-world challenges.

Like our name suggests, Maritime draws on the heritage of our original Greenwich home. We are explorers and adventurers who believe that our community grows stronger the more people we meet and the more we learn from them. Our whole approach to what we do, our whole mindset, is that through strong collaboration we can most effectively spark innovation throughout our schools. Collaborate, Innovate, Educate.

We are very proud of how we work together, approaching everything through the lens of our Maritime Behaviours, the ways of working that build towards our vision and make it enjoyable to be a part of the team.

Find out more about: why we exist, who we are, what we do, and how we do it.