Maritime Entrepreneurial Curriculum


At Maritime, the important thing is that staff and children have the confidence to give things a go – and know that failure is an opportunity to figure out a different approach, a way up.

We want to empower schools with the means to drive ever greater and more enjoyable outcomes for their children. But we also want them to learn how to use our model and craft it to fit their schools - consistency of impact without conformity in approach. Collaboration leads to innovation which leads to sustainable impact – now and for years to come.

At Maritime we believe children can be leaders and entrepreneurs – and that when our students grow up and leave school and try to answer the age-old question of what to do next, they’ll have the gumption to start their own business, or put forward their own ideas at work, or take a chance on something they might otherwise think they are too young or inexperienced to try.


Because they’ll remember they were only in primary school when they rang up that sales company to negotiate a price, set out a marketing plan for their board game, designed and published their first book, gave a cooking lesson to a room full of strangers, or spoke as the keynote speaker at a child-produced education conference in front of a room full of hundreds of parents.

How do the projects work?

The children work in groups on separate segments of a project – from strategy to marketing to sales, etc. The learning goes across subjects, but not necessarily into every subject – that would kill the fun. Importantly, it is child-led – right down to the film editing on a documentary for instance.

Some projects are whole-school. For example, Nick was attending a conference a while back and was bored out of his mind with the presentations and thought children could do better – and then of course realised they absolutely could. So then came the whole-school conference. Children designed the tote bags, notepads and pens. Each year group took a different topic – from the science of water rockets to story building to yoga to cooking, and then they did the research to put together presentations for parent workshops. Some children became speakers on topics important to them. Some sang or played music for entertainment. Others managed the event on the day. Every last thing was child-produced. And it was a day that absolutely blew the parents and special guests away.

Does it work?

The children love it. They take great pride in presenting the end result to their loved ones. They aren’t phased when something doesn’t work quite right – they keep on going. They are confident to take the lead – with their peers, with their parents, with guests who are total strangers. It’s fun. It’s memorable. And Maritime’s track record and results say it all.

Maritime is built on the firm belief that children are capable of developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills that will build them up for their future, and that the best way to empower them with the self-belief to do so is through collaboration and innovation – always looking for different ways to do things. Every child can develop these skills in their own way- within the parameters of outstanding behaviour and a friendly atmosphere.

Across all schools?

At Maritime each of the schools keeps their uniqueness, but we do have a shared view of what the Curriculum should look like. Each of the schools works their magic in their own unique way but we share a passionate belief that the curriculum should challenge, inspire and teach children leadership skills.

All of our schools teach the curriculum through Maritime Expeditions, with the children working towards an end goal. A bit like the TV show the ‘The Apprentice’, but without pupils getting fired and without the arrogance. It's about children using their learning to find their own solutions to real-world challenges.


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