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Partnerships - be part of our adventure


Partnerships - Be part of Our Adventure

Maritime is outward-looking, firmly believing that by collaborating and partnering with others, we can create ever-better educational experiences and outcomes for our Maritime community. We recognise the important role that businesses can play in working with schools to enhance and enrich our student's education experience.

Successful partnerships between businesses and schools happen at all levels, but particularly at the local level. Many businesses and schools have built up strategic and long-term partnerships which have enabled them to work together to mutual benefit. 

Below is an example of one of our school's partnerships experience...



How can you help?
There are lots of ways to get involved, for example: 

  • Come and talk to our children! Our children love to hear about all the different jobs that they could be doing one day - why not arrange to pop in and do a short talk to encourage our children to consider a wide variety of jobs they could do when they grow up! Our schools have had a great range of speakers -  from space scientists, to fire fighters, to civil servants - we love to hear about all the jobs that are out there. 
  • Let us visit you! Our children love to visit a wide variety of places to gain experience of the world of work. Our children have enjoyed a range of employer trips - could you be next? 
  • School raffles are always needing prizes - could you donate something that relates to your business? Maybe a voucher for your restaurant or an hour’s worth of help if you offer a trade?  
  • Could you donate materials to enhance our curriculum resources? Donated materials make a huge difference to the richness of our materials for the children to use - from tyres for our nursery children to play with to gardening materials for our older children to use. 

What do you get in return? All offers of support are hugely appreciated by all staff and children. They can make a great difference to the experiences our children have and the jobs they go on to do. To ensure you know about the impact you have our schools will ensure that you get an update on the impact your support has had. Our schools have very active social media channels and these can be utilised to acknowledge the support of local business partnerships.

If you are interested in partnering with one of our local schools please contact