Our Vision

Our mission:

To empower schools with the means to drive ever greater and more enjoyable outcomes for children.

Our vision:

We believe:

  • Every child has the right to a phenomenal education – regardless of ability or background
  • Education is the best way to fight inequality
  • Each school is different, each child is different
  • Children learn best through creativity and innovation – and opportunities to make them the leaders
  • Our expectations are of excellence, but how you get there is different for every school – consistency of impact without conformity in approach
  • We can support people we believe in for a cause we believe in with relentless passion, perseverance, trust and a good sense of humour.

How do we do it?

Collaborate. Within your school, across Maritime schools, and in other schools we work with.

Innovate. Take these shared ideas and approaches and find new ways to make them work in your classrooms for your students.

Educate. Break the barriers to learning so that each child is ready for the future. School should be a safe, happy, and effective place.  

What do we want in our schools?

Happy, resilient children who are confident to give things a go, who are getting memorable experiences, in fantastic learning environments, with outstanding results to set them up for the next stage in their lives – being taught by dynamic teachers who love their work and working together.