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Maritime Academy Trust

Our story so far


Our Story So Far

Maritime Academy Trust began as a partnership of schools in Greenwich. The impact of our partnership work was striking – rapid and sustained improvement in progress and attainment changed everything. To secure this collaboration for the future, Maritime was created in 2016.

Since then, the Trust has grown in strength, capacity and expertise. 

We now serve 4000 pupils and 700 staff in thirteen schools across Greenwich, Bexley, Kent and Medway. We support the development of our schools in all aspects of education, finance, HR,  IT, estates, operations and governance. 

Our role as a Trust is to ensure that meaningful collaboration drives improvement, innovation and efficiencies across the schools, enabling headteachers to focus on teaching and learning so every pupil can thrive.

The size of the Trust allows for cross fertilisation of ideas but is still small enough to support the individual at school level.

Headteacher - Maritime Academy Trust