Plastic Fantastic

Plastic Fashion Show

Move over Vivienne Westwood, Victoria Beckham and Calvin Klein. There’s a new generation of designers in town.

Over two half terms, the children in year 5 (Timbercroft) became entrepreneurs. Their aim was to raise enough money to travel into central London to see ‘The Lion King’ at the Lyceum Theatre. The children worked out the total cost of the tickets and the coach. It was a staggering £2500.

Their idea was to design and make jewellery and clothes made from recyclable materials and sell and model them in their own fashion show.

To start the process, they looked at different types of jewellery that they could make. They devised a questionnaire for people to answer that focused on their favourite item and how much they would be willing to pay for them. Once the questionnaire was ready, the children carried out their market research in Welling High Street. They collated the information and used the data to inform their design decisions.

At the Christmas Fair, the children paid for a stall so they could sell their jewellery. The total profit from this was £106. But they still had a very long way to go.

The children researched fashion through the decades to give them inspiration for their own designs.  They then designed their own garments which were amazing.

During this time, the children learned about the differences in their lives compared to a child living in a dump in Cambodia. They wrote heart-wrenching split narratives, focusing on the child’s views of the dump and their different views.

Invites, programmes, tickets and posters were created to promote the event. It was decided that the children would open a Boutique on the night of the fashion show. Donations of belts, handbags and costume jewellery were given to the children to sell. Our parents/carers and family members made hair bows and knitted bags too.

Once the attire was ready, the children wrote persuasive paragraphs about each garment which would be read at the fashion show.

On Thursday 24th February 2017, the children prepared for the show during the day. The stage was set, the boutique was ready and the children were excited. At 6:00pm, the hall filled to the brim with excited family members who had all paid £3 a ticket. Even the teacher’s families came to support. The event started with the fashion show. On the seats were bidding slips for the attendees to fill in for their favourite garments. After that, children offered complimentary hors d’oeuvres and refreshments while everyone had time to spend lots of money in the boutique and place their final bids. Once all were seated, the silent auction began. Bids were revealed. Parents and carers were outbidding each other. It was amazing. One of our garments sold for £80.

It was time to find out the total amount of money raised. Everyone created a drum roll. ‘The final amount raised so far is £1705'.