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Maritime Academy Trust

Our Local Governance model


Our Local Goverenanace Model

Maritime has a clear structure of governance. This starts at the top with our Members and Trust Board who oversee and are accountable for all things Maritime. 

At school level each school has a Local Academy Council (LAC) to support and complement this top level of governance. This LAC has a Chair, Vice-Chair plus other Council members voted in or appointed via the parent body, the LAC or the Trust Board. A typical LAC will have around 6 members including the Head. 

Our LACs meet four times a year. The first meeting of the year is to determine the School Development Plan (SDP) with the senior leaders of the school. The following meetings are primarily focused on ensuring that the delivery of the SDP is on-track, driving up the performance of the school each and every year. The LACs are kept informed of wider issues including finances, estates and safeguarding. 

We believe that our LACs perform a key role in ensuring that our schools are providing the best possible education for every child, year in, year out.  


Please note that full LAC information can be found on individual school sites or via Get Information About Schools.

Should you wish to discuss the governance at the trust or at any of its academies, please contact the Governance Professional Lead at