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Our entrepreneurial curriculum


Our Entrepreneurial Curriculum

Nick started as a primary school teacher before becoming Headteacher at Brooklands Primary School in Blackheath in 2011. Around that time, he was watching an episode of The Apprentice when he became frustrated with the approach one of the teams was taking to their project, and he grumbled about how kids could do it better. And then he thought – actually, yes, they could – and he set out to ensure children’s learning and experiences went beyond the remit of the national curriculum

 As a Trust we’ve realised our schools can make learning exciting and creative and still sustainably turn a school around – it doesn’t have to just be rote teaching and memorisation. A lot of our curriculum learning is based upon an interesting outcome or endpoint, often involving the children in making these choices - these links skills beyond the national curriculum into business, innovation and problem-solving projects which we showcase as Big Outcomes

Maritime is built on the firm belief that children are capable of developing leadership and entrepreneurial skills that will build them up for their future, and that the best way to empower them with the self-belief to do so is through collaboration and innovation. This means always looking for different ways to do things. Every child can develop these skills in their own way - within the parameters of outstanding behaviour and a friendly atmosphere.

Our curriculum is based on the life skills we want children to take through life with them which we summarise in our six C's:

Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication, Character & Citizenship

After years of putting this into practice, we are finally taking what we are so proud of and putting it down on paper and developing a way to measure what we value. Our curriculum sets out to prepare children for a future we can’t imagine yet, equipping them with skills to help them adapt by problem-solving and thinking differently.