Maritime Cooking Challenge

There has been a lot of negative press recently around free school meals.  With one in five children leaving primary school obese, one in four low-income families struggling to eat regularly, children going to school hungry and food banks running low, good, nutritious food and informative food education has never been needed more.  Food and nutrition are so important and during these difficult Covid times it can actually help with our children’s wellbeing. 

We need your help!

We are looking to create a Maritime cookbook and recipe cards made up of our children’s brilliant recipes. 

What is the Maritime Cooking Challenge?

Step 1: Using the template shopping list and meal planner we sent to our parents and carers, we would like each child to select the ingredients for 5 delicious meals.  The total cost of ingredients should be a maximum of £15.  Please note: we are not asking you to spend £15 on ingredients, we are simply asking you to plan meals for 5 days that would cost £15.  You can use supermarket websites to assist you in collating the costs of ingredients. 

Step 2: Pick your favourite meal out of the 5 chosen

Step 3: Cook your chosen meal with your child/children (you may already have the ingredients for the recipe at home in your fridge/cupboards)

Step 4: Using the template recipe card please send in the recipe, ingredient list and a photo of your meal or child cooking the meal to:  The recipe and photo will then appear in our Maritime cookbook!

Deadline for submission

Monday 1st March 2021

Preparing and cooking food is an essential part of learning and can be great fun. The children will learn about budgeting, healthy eating and apply what this means for themselves and others by planning and cooking dishes. Why not use the half term coming up to get creative in the kitchen?

We will then put together your brilliant work and share it with the wider community.  Thank you for your support, we look forward to receiving all of your great recipes!  

If you need additional copies of the recipe cards or planners please contact Rebecca Byrne