Bug Club - Reading suggestions

Timbercroft Primary School have received some amazing feedback from parents and children about Bug Club and the impact it is having on reading! 

Bug Club - which the school introduced 10 years ago, is a great resource and was chosen specifically, as research has shown that it has a positive impact on reading across all ages.

Research has shown...

At the end of a lengthy study with EYFS and KS1 children it was found that those who had regular access to phonetically decodable books had improved their reading and spelling to 7 months ahead of the expected level. A further study with KS2 children found that children achieved more than twice the rate of normal progress, with the average reading age improving by 5.7 months within a time period of only 2.3 months. Furthermore, computer-based activities which involve reading e-books and taking part in literacy games have been proven to have a positive impact on pupils’ attitudes to reading as well as their overall learning. Data collections show that young people who are extensively engaged in online reading activities are generally more proficient readers.

Bug Club ensures that all children can access books at exactly the right level for them and inside every book, there are notes to help you make the most of reading with your child. For younger children these notes identify difficult words and give strategies on how their reading can be supported. For older children these notes are intended to deepen their understanding of the book, sometimes providing background information about the time or place in which the book is set, allowing links to prior and future learning to be made.

Whilst older children may prefer to read alone, recent research has shown that there is a vital link between reading aloud and writing, so much so, even the oldest children in our school would benefit from using Bug Club with an adult.

As the children progress through a book on Bug Club, they will find ‘bugs’ which, when clicked on, ask the children questions about the text. Their answers are recorded for teachers to see allowing future teaching to be tailored to each child’s specific reading needs.

I am sure that, like us, you want your child to love reading and be able to access it in everyday situations. So why not encourage your child to read on Bug Club and reach beyond their reading goals!