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Maritime Academy Trust

How our schools work together


How Our Schools Work Together

Collaboration is Key

One of our key principles at Maritime has always been to have consistency of impact without  conformity in approach, through meaningful collaboration.

This means our schools work together to learn from each other to find what works for each individual school context, without having a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our schools work very closely together, taking every possible advantage of being able to work as a school trust. The ability to pick up the phone and speak to colleagues, share resources and share the workload means we can focus our work to have genuine impact in the classroom.


How do our schools work together?

Collaboration is a huge part of being part of Maritime, and over the years that collaboration has strengthened and developed and we are always working to make it even more powerful. Our staff and leaders work together to improve the quality of learning for all of our children.

Just a snapshot of examples of the collaboration work that goes on:

  • Teacher exchanges
  • Staff secondments to develop practice in a new setting, providing support and new opportunities to learn
  • Flexible working across schools 
  • Building career pathways across the Trust
  • Joint training and professional development
  • Sharing the workload, creating resources and professional development materials 
  • Regular support and sharing of ideas
  • Coaching across the schools
  • 1:1 support at any point, being that essential listening ear
  • Emergency cover for staff vacancies 

Maritime Academy Trust is a progressive and ambitious Trust. Joining Maritime has meant that as a school we have been able to develop relationships with a number of schools beyond our own. The benefit of this has been the wealth of knowledge that we are able to draw upon and opportunities to work collaboratively alongside others and share best practice whilst strengthening and retaining the unique identity of Danecourt School.

Headteacher, Danecourt School


If you are interested in working closely with Maritime, or have an idea for collaboration or partnership, then please contact us at