Home Learning Support for Children with SEND

This section of our website offers support for children with SEND. Each sub-menu contains a variety of tools and information for parents, carers and children which have been collated both from internal and external sources.

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Children transferring to Secondary School

Download the Transition Pack

Motor Skills

Balance Level 1

Balance Level 2

Balance Level 3

Ball Level 1

Ball Level 2

Ball Level 3

Body Awareness Level 1

Body Awareness Level 2

Body Awareness Level 3

Classroom Coping Strategies

Clever Hands Level 1

Clever Hands Level 2

Clever Hands Level 3

Home Coping Strategies 

Resource List for OT Programmes

Returning to School Support

My lockdown experience

Personal returning to school

Social story for returning to school 

We will be going back to school sometime

We will be going back to school sometime (younger children)


Calming exercises for sensory seeking children

Make your own sensory box at home

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

About my feelings

Anxiety Information dated 2019

Anxiety Thermometer 

Breathing exercises 

CBT advice '7 ways to manage anxiety'

Finished feelings wheel

Relaxation for children

Sentence starters

Stress busters from our heart

Specific Learning Difficulties

Dyslexic handbook inc. Parent pack

Spelling support

STEPS handwriting pack

Speech and Language Support

Develop listening and attention skills

ICAN communication cookbook

Listening games

LS2 barrier worksheets

Memory magic activities

Memory magic resources

SALT taking turns in conversation

SALT the listening game

SALT thinking with your eyes

SALT zig zag talking 

The wardrobe game

Word finding games

Support for Parents

Coronavirus parent to parent advice guide

Getting to know our amazing brain

Practices for you and your child

Top tips from young minds

Talking about Covid-19

An example of a social story about coronavirus

Coronavirus - a book for children

SEN resources to help you home educate

The coronavirus - free printable


My timetable

Now Next

Our day at home

Small visual timetable pictures

Task board 4 parts


SEND 111 Coronavirus distance learning resources

SEN resources to help you home educate

Special needs jungle website