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Maritime Academy Trust





How do I apply?

All applications made to positions within the Maritime Trust must be made via online applications. If you click on a job on the Maritime Website it will take you through to the TES website, where you can click the 'Apply' button.

Once logged in, you can complete the sections required and submit your application.

When should I apply?

Application deadlines vary by academy and position. Please make sure you complete your application ahead of the specified closing date so we can ensure your application is considered.

Some academies may request that applications be submitted by a specific time of day. Please be aware of this and submit your application accordingly.

Please note: academies may choose to interview as and when suitable applications are received, and may appoint a candidate and close the job before the advertised deadline without notice. In this situation, you will still be able to access and amend your application form, but you will not be able to submit it. This means you should look to submit your application as soon as possible after seeing the advertisement.

I am a non EU resident, do I require a visa before I apply?

We cannot advise you on your work eligibility status, but we do not reject any candidate because of his or her need to obtain appropriate work permits/visas. Please be aware that any offer of employment will be subject to the relevant DBS, Identification and reference checks prior to your start date with us.

I'm currently working in a local authority school. Why would I want to work for a Trust?

Moving to an academy/academy trust has a number of advantages. The main one is that you get to work in a collaborative environment with other academies, all of which have considerable autonomy. As a member of staff, you also benefit from greater opportunities for professional development and promotion, as we encourage movement between our academies to give you
broader work experience.

I'm worried that working in an academy will affect my terms and conditions and pension.

Like most academy trusts, we have made a decision to pay our teachers in line with the Standard Pay and Conditions Document and to award increases in line with national levels. Most of our terms and conditions relating to absence and leave are in line with national standards. Our Support staff follow NJC terms and conditions. With regard to pensions, your pension is exactly the same with the Trust as it would be with a local authority, whether you are a teacher or support staff.

I've been offered a job but I would like to know how long pre-employment checks take so I know when to resign from my current post?

Pre-employment checks include references, enhanced DBS and a health check. It is important that we have the correct reference details on your application form so that these can be applied for straight away. The checks can take up to 6 weeks, but on average take 4 weeks. We remain in contact with prospective new starters throughout the process and can work with you in line with your current employer's notice period requirement to prevent any delays.

I would like to visit a school before I apply to see whether it would be the right fit, is this possible?

Yes, school visits are encouraged before applying, please contact the school office to arrange a visit. 

I'm a UK national but my last job was abroad, do I need to provide anything additional as part of my application as proof? 

Yes, Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022 guidance states we must obtain criminal records checks for overseas applicants or those that have worked abroad, from the country they worked/lived in. Teachers should obtain a letter from the professional regulating authority (this is often the Department/Ministry of Education but varies across the world) in the country (or countries) in which the applicant has worked confirming that they have not imposed any sanctions or restrictions, and or that they are aware of any reason why they may be unsuitable to teach.