About Us

Maritime Academy Trust began as a partnership of schools in Greenwich, first with Brooklands and Millennium in 2013 then joined by Timbercroft in 2014. The impact of our partnership work was striking – rapid and sustained improvement in progress and attainment changed everything. To secure this collaboration for the future and find new, more efficient ways of delivering success, Maritime was created in 2016.

The Department for Education soon asked Maritime to sponsor a school in need. Following a period of due diligence and working with the school, the Trust agreed to sponsor Featherby Junior School. We also agreed for Featherby Infant School to join as both schools share a site and a board of governors. Critically having both schools in Maritime allows for a more seamless education experience for all of the Featherby children. Both schools formally joined Maritime in September 2017.

The two boards of governors at Greenacres and Nightingale schools approached Maritime about voluntarily joining, having already worked with us in different ways and liking our approach. Both schools formally joined in November 2017. In January 2019 we were successful in our first free school bid, which saw Ebbsfleet Green Primary School open in September 2020.

In July 2020, we also received our most exciting news to date, as the DfE signed off on our proposed merger with Barnsole Primary Trust, which brought Medway based schools: Bligh Infants, Bligh Juniors, Barnsole Primary and Danecourt Special School to Maritime. The merger has created a great opportunity for the Trust to deepen collaboration between Medway schools and share central and school level expertise in the best possible way.