Why work for us?

Why work at Maritime?

Here at Maritime we realise that this job can be difficult and it is our job to support you as much as possible in your role, whatever that is. For anyone who works with children we are also well aware that the most crucial time is that time between 9am and 3:30 when you are in front of the children. That is why we are constantly reviewing our policies to look at work/life balance and how we can support you so that you are fully energised in that time.

When we employ staff, one of the key areas that we look at is personality. We want to employ ‘glass half full people’ so that we all work in an enjoyable atmosphere.

We have a fantastic curriculum here at Maritime and you get the opportunity to plan and teach what you are excited by. So if you have a passion for something then you get to teach it…within reason of course. Nothing illegal or Tottenham Hotspur-related!

We offer great CPD…. because the better you are the better the children learn.

We are not one of those crazy academy trusts that has silly staff policies. We know that staff are our number one asset and if we want the very best for our children then we need the very best staff who are supported and not exhausted!

What do we look for in staff?

We are looking for teachers with real ‘oomph’(not sure how you spell that but it is definitely ‘Oomph’ that we are looking for). In our schools, if you have a passion for a particular area then you can teach it! Our learning is about big ‘Wow-based outcomes’, some of these are great successes and some crash and burn... that doesn’t matter - the children (and you) will still learn. 

At this point you may be wondering, ‘what are you waffling on about?’, so here are some examples:

One of our teachers wanted to teach World War II in a different way. He got his class to set up a tour bus company and the children ran bus tours around London. They wrote tour guides, recorded MP4 clips for parents to listen to on the bus, designed their own uniforms and then took parents around London and gave them guided tours of the museums.

(Unfortunately, they weren’t allowed to drive the buses – honestly Health and Safety gone mad!)

Other teachers have set up restaurant evenings, pirate sleepovers, Viking museums, published magazines, tour guides, fashion shows, created their own professional board game, set up their own coffee shop, even an egg business with their own chickens (they learnt a lot about life cycles when the foxes got to them!)

We focus on:

  • Creativity
  • Learning life skills
  • High expectations
  • Entrepreneurial skills 
  • Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation
  • Problem solving
  • Partnership

So this is what we are looking for:

  • Someone that has a passion for learning.

To us, this is someone that reflects when the children haven’t learnt something. What could have I done differently? Why were they off their game today? Do they need TLC today or do they need a rocket?

We call these staff bin kickers: because they are likely to want to kick the bin at the end of the day. They are people who get frustrated when the children don’t learn and they want to know why rather than just blame the child or themselves. They then do something about it.

  • Someone who has genuine passion for learning.

Let’s face it we don’t do this job for the fantastic pay or the prestige. We do it because we like children and we genuinely feel that we can make a difference. Our job actually matters! So in our schools if you have a passion for something you WILL be able to use that to teach the children. If you want to set up a radio station, create an orchestra, open an art gallery, have restaurant evenings, or set up your own business then you can at Maritime schools! 

  • Someone who has a personality 

This isn’t some form of code for dealing with bad behaviour, it simply means it’s really nice to work with fun, positive people. So if you’re a half-empty glass person then please stop reading this advert because we don’t want you. 

What we can offer you:

  • To work in a great school with many fantastic teachers 
  • The opportunity to actually teach stuff that you are passionate about
  • Great support and training 
  • Fantastic behaviour- in our schools you get to teach and you don’t need advanced skills in peacekeeping!
  • You get to work in partnership with our other schools and learn from a range of teachers in our schools.


Teaching is hard work- the holidays are great, but by the last week of term it can be exhausting. The pay isn’t amazing for the hours that you have to put in. HOWEVER, it can be incredibly rewarding like no other job. Help us to lead in making teaching an awesome profession. If we teach what we love, in a way that will engage and excite children then it doesn’t actually feel like work. Work with us to continue to get incredible standards and be part of a team that leads and innovates through passion and dedication.