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Maritime Academy Trust

At the heart of all Maritime schools is the idea that the curriculum can, and should, be delivered creatively - excitement and creativity deliver results that rote learning and memorisation cannot.

Maritime Academy Trust was originally formed from three schools that worked together in partnership for a number of years. Because there was so much to gain from real, high-quality partnership work, we chose to secure this collaboration for the future.

Like our name suggests, Maritime draws on the heritage of our Greenwich home. We are explorers and adventurers who believe that our community grows stronger the more people we meet and the more we learn from them. 

We are very proud of how we work together. Our partnership is built on collaboration and learning from each other whilst at the same time ensuring that we keep our unique identities and cultures within the schools. We are not clones of each other, but there are key principles and values that we share and champion. 

What we are proud of:

Our learning environments are stimulating and engaging. Our schools are inclusive and exceptional SEND support is very important to us.

Our exciting curriculum focuses on big, wow outcomes. Highlights: set up a coffee shop, arranged our own ‘Glastonbury’-style festival, set up our own Viking museum, ran our own education conference for parents, organised bus tours around London, and so much more…

Behaviour in our schools is outstanding and our relationships with the children form a very strong part of this. Each of the individual schools achieves this differently to meet the needs of their community.

We have outstanding attainment and progress across our schools. This wasn’t always the case, but we worked tirelessly together to achieve this, ensure success, and turn around school after school.

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Partnerships are absolutely key. We work collaboratively in a number of ways including: joint projects, joint CPD, subject leader meetings, joint social events, subject leaders working together, shared resources etc.

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We encourage a culture of not being afraid to learn from our mistakes, a culture in which we aim high with our ideas and efforts to see what we can achieve. We believe resilience is key to happiness in life, and that failures are opportunities to find a different way up.

Explore our website to find out more, including: becoming part of Maritime, what's different about working at Maritime, how to train to be a teacher with us, our vision for education and how our Maritime Mindset works.